Sensitive Verses

Thinking of thoughts, can't think of nothing other than her name, 
speaking of sweetness, she sets sugar to shame. 
The passion she had for me, burns in me like a flame. 
the pain that she gave me, shall lead me to fame. 

When I look back upon my life, one thing is plain to see, 
people who who loved me most, were the people who were ashamed of me. 
I guess I could not become, what they wanted me to be, 
I hope they understand, I was trying to be me. 

It doesn't really take you, 
to remind me of you. 
Anything thats like you, 
will remind me of you. 

All tied and bonded I am today, 
but someday I'll be free. 
If I cannot find my way, 
my way will find me. 

What are you to me, 
is what I let you be. 
You are there, for I care.
On your own, you are nothing you see. 

Made to the top, thought I was an ace, 
then I fell in love and I fell on my face. 
I lost my stand and I lost my place, 
but I am back on my feet and still in the race. 

In short, this is the tale of my life. 
I walked and dropped on the edge of a knife. 
All cut and bruised and torn apart, 
I'll meet my end though never had a start. 

Stood hard against the test of time, 
I was guilty of committing no crime. 
They say I had sung the forbidden song, 
I thought, sometimes I had right to be wrong. 

Sitting by the shore, I was watching the view, 
The sea was still deep and the sky was still blue. 
But world today appears to be so new, 
as I wait for the ship, that will sail me to you. 

Your beauty is trapped within my interior, 
see it in my eyes, why look in the mirror? 
Thought that you think of me is the thought I adore, 
fact that you miss me makes me miss you even more.

I have seen them rise,
I have seen them fall.
I have heard their cries,
I have heard them call.
They are all the same,
I have seen them all.

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