Sensitive Verses 2

My love is for all,
I sell it for free.
It grows wide and tall,
like an evergreen tree.

War is lurking around,
peace has no place to stay.
Humanity is loosing its ground,
only love can save the day.

Time will fly,
tears will flow.
Your love will never die,
in my thoughts it will glow.

You are poetess with passion,
I am a poet in pain.
Lets turn fantasy into fashion,
so by giving we can gain.

Wrote your name on my heart,
in letters made of gold.
Now you will stay in my heart,
as in your arms I grow old.

You are so sweet and kind,
though you are just a little child.
You give me peace of mind,
when grownups drive me wild.

You are my best friend,
and thats how I want it to stay.
I can hold your helping hand,
as I tumble on my way.

Love at first sight,
dies after first night,
True love comes slow,
it takes time to grow.
Deeper are its roots,
sweeter will be the fruits.

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