Shadow of Death

I looked all over - below and above,
while looking I saw their best and worst.
In search of their everlasting love,
I became the means of their greed or lust.

Why canít I make a future plan?
Maybe because future is not in my hand.
After all I am only an ordinary man,
thereís a limit to what I can understand.

They wonder whatís going to happen to me,
this is the way, I will forever go on and on.
I will never hide from whatever I can see,
Iíll still be standing when everyoneís gone.

I watch the naked dance of the night,
and I live once more to tell the tale,
I am not afraid I will give her a fight,
my hardened heart is no longer frail.

I am not the one to die so soon,
I was born to live in the shadow of death.
It is a big burden and not a boon,
which I have to carry until my last breath.

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