Glorious days of my childhood

Time after time, again and again,
I walk backwards through my memory lane.
I remember those days so great and good,
the glorious days of my childhood.

Nothing ever could make us tense,
having fun on others expense.
It seemed so cool to break a rule,
deliberately getting late to school.

Passing around those secret mails,
believing freely in fairy tales.
Collecting all those fancy pictures,
getting infatuated with the teachers.

Time would flow like a swift stream,
life would run as a sweat dream.
Waking sometimes out of a night-mare,
to find someone close enough to care.

Holding on to a favourite toy,
deriving out of it every joy.
Fantasizing anything without a fear,
forgetting failure with a drop of tear.

Life was so plain and easy,
now its all tough and busy.
I would return only if I could,
to the glorious days of my childhood.

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