Ode to Lionheart

When this wounded world needs a healer,
in her agony she gives birth to a killer.
He treats the world by tearing her apart,
he is one and only the Lionheart.

You not know him cause you are naive,
he will conquer and make you his slave.
He is a warrior with a deadly wish,
a reign of terror he will unleash.

He came before and he will come again,
struggle to stop him shall be in vain.
He wears no crown but he is a king,
songs of his exploits your minstrel sing.

A ruthless ruler of every rebel,
to his roar even mighties tremble.
No mortal can ever match him in might,
damned shall be he who tries to fight.

He is cruel, full of ego and pride,
he fears no one for death is his bride.
Plays with lives as boys play with toys,
He defeats, he dominates and he destroys.

Born ferocious on flesh he feeds,
when thirsty your blood he needs.
Stay away and you will stay secure,
pains he yield you can never endure.

If in his eyes you dare to stare,
he'll turn your life into a nightmare.
He'll make you hurt him for a change,
then he will return for his revenge.

Call him a tyrant or call him a sinner,
nothing hurts him as long as he is a winner.
Hunger he hunts for and hatred he breeds.
you can't blame him for you too have greeds,

His rage rises like a river in flood,
and what remains is a trail of blood.
He plunders peace and has passion for power,
flag of his victory flutters on every tower.

Rise against him and you wont reach high,
He will burn your wings before you fly.
Accept his lordship hear the time's call,
for one who crawls to him shall never fall.

He will write the rules and lay his order,
his kingdom will stretch beyond any border.
He will protect the weak and the frail,
under his control justice will prevail.

Break his law and you will pay the price,
he will punish you not once but twice.
The word 'forgiveness' to him makes no sense,
once he attacks there is just no defence.

Bow ye losers bow to his glory,
he is the one who will rewrite your story,
All tricks he knows and he has the art.
he is one and only the Lionheart.

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