To Princess...

Its darkness I fear and darkness I fight, 
had to burn my blood to buy some light. 
But now its time for the sun to rise, 
I can see it shining in your eyes.

My life had just ran out of its scope, 
thinking of you gives me a new hope. 
Now that I got you, I need nothing nomore, 
My sinking ship seems to have stumbled ashore. 

You stay so far yet you live so near, 
I can almost see you all bright and clear. 
You are embeded within my will and my wits, 
I hear in my chest the echoes of your heart beats. 

You won't believe it but it is true, 
last night I dreamt I was dreaming of you. 
Sounds quite puzzeling, I'll give you a clue, 
I just need you to need me as I need you. 

I am all for you so make your claim, 
if things go wrong I'll take the blame. 
You won't lose anything for nothings at stake, 
so tell me sweet Princess, how much you can take.

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