Change of style

With pen in my hand and pain in my heart,
I wrote of thoughts tearing my mind apart.
It gave me a relief for a moment of time,
to watch my words, how they would rhyme.

Whether they live or they wither and die,
no one cares so why should I.
Love today has lost its touch and taste,
besides I don't have much time to waste.

So now I will write of something new,
of shining stars and sky so blue.
Maybe then world might understand,
and finally give me a place to stand.

My readers they ask me what went wrong,
they have no time, my list is long.
But I am glad they came along,
I could turn my troubles into a song.

I will clear myself from every blame,
then on every mouth shall be my name.
Then with a smile, I'll take my last breath,
and ever so willingly accept my death.

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