Suffering in silence

There was a time when she used to smile,
but that sweet moment only lasted for a while.
Today she struggles to cover her lies,
she laughs aloud, her heart still cries.
The mansion of her life must have been built,
with the floor of fear and the roof of guilt.

Of times to come, when she draws a picture,
she sees her love has no place in her future.
So she pulls herself to build a wall,
she puts up a fight, only to fall.
Trapped in a battle between her heart and her mind,
she looks for a way out but no way she can find.

She is breaking her heart with her own hands,
the reasons behind which only she understands.
She knows now there is nothing more to speak,
her tireless thoughts have left her so weak.
All she tries now is to maintain her balance,
as quiety she suffers in her serene silence.

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