Death and glory

The sky is growing red,
soldier hold on to your gun.
Its time for some blood-shed,
the battle has just begun.

You suddenly sense the fear,
so you cautiously look around.
Death could be lurking near,
and t'would pounce without a sound.

You cover the corpse of your comrade,
letting go of that trapped tear,
You know he was never afraid,
for in his eyes you see no fear.

Your orders you cannot defy,
you follow them as they come.
You are not allowed to ask why,
though your mind may question some.

The honour that you uphold,
expects you to be nothing but brave.
So you pretend to be bold,
in a trench that could be your grave.

You endanger your life for a cause,
hoping they remember your sacrifice.
You protect their pride without a pause,
willing to pay that ultimate price.

You fight, but not for your life,
only for your flag's victory.
You stand straight and you strife,
until atlast you fall for glory.

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