A hypocrite

I felt your fears.
I tasted your tears.
Howmuch more could I care?
How else could I be there?

You are always so full of complains,
don't you understand, even I have pains?
Certain things even you can't explain,
still you go about calling me insane.

You say things, just for saying sake.
As long as you get what you want to take.
Imagine the grief that you leave behind,
when your words worry someone's restless mind.

You never abide by your very own laws,
and you keep counting my faults and my flaws.
Why don't you learn what you try to teach?
and practice the paradigms you pretend to preach.

When time stabs with the dagger of need,
you can't weep, only watch yourself bleed.
You'll end up feeling unwanted and unfit,
'cause you chose the life of a hypocrite.

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