A tribute

Look  there  is  love  in  my eyes,
and  it  glows  all  over  my  face.
I fell  for you  only  to  rise,
and  to  own  in  your  heart some  place.

Your  thoughts  make  me  smile,
I see  you  almost  everywhere.
Then  you  disappear  for  a  while,
but  when I need  you  you’re  there.

The  way  you  smile  and  sigh,
so  sweet  and  so  very  shy.
My  passion , it  runs  so  high,
I feel  I am  walking  over  the  sky.

You  make  my words  flow,
more  swifter  than  the  streams.
I could  never  guess  or  know,
when  you   became  the  darling  of  my dreams.

Only  your  beauty  that  I notice,
its  much  more  than  my words  can  say.
No  poem  could  ever  do  you  a  justice,
take  this  as  a  tribute  I wish  to  pay.

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