Giving up

My goal seemed to be way too far,
so I ran with all my might.
Then I saw I couldn't win this war,
so I gave up on my fight.

I couldn't accept this constant change,
they said t'was my arrogance.
Had to bring the "new" within my range,
so I gave up on my innocence.

Trapped within the tightening ties,
of the web of words we wove.
I couldn't live with all those lies,
so I gave up on my love.

Something exploded inside of my chest,
and its pieces fell far apart.
Whatever remained wouldn't let me rest,
so I gave up on my heart.

A fairy-tale I was trying to find,
and with reality I lost the touch.
My own dreams were driving me blind,
so I gave up on my search.

I finally decided to turn around,
and returned to from whence I came.
Then I heard that calling sound,
so I gave up on my name.

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