Verses of Wisdom

Time travels on its twisted track,
without any respect for love or friendship.
All it takes is a minor setback,
and a rivalry replaces your relationship.

It's only in a calm weather,
all leaves they stick together.
But when the storm makes its call,
the weaker ones are first to fall.

There is no point in being a judge,
for there are reasons why people deceive.
Only a narrow mind holds on to a grudge,
while a huge heart knows how to forgive.

Once you let go of your past,
how long will its pains last?
So behold your inner courage,
and be bold to turn the page.

Your generosity, you must never hide,
it's a quality that will take you higher.
You are defined by what you provide,
and not once by what you desire.

Repair a heart that is broken,
listen to words those were unspoken.
In that heart you will always stay,
and in those words you'll find your way.

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