Moving ahead.

You are wasting your precious youth,
searching for some unexisting truth.
It's only a fantasy that you chase,
and the facts you fail to face.

Howmany more moments will you lose?
Wondering which way you must choose.
Close your eyes and give yourself a start,
you don't need a map to follow your heart.

You have learnt from your yester-years,
and now you can overcome all your fears.
You say you are smart and strong,
to choose between right and wrong.

Few beautiful colours this life may lack,
but believe me it's not all white and black.
There is some gray and a little of blue,
look at it closely, there's a colour for you.

Every mystery reveals it's clue,
a closing door opens the other two.
Overlook the effort you must spend,
sometimes means may justify the end.

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