Oh Angella

Fifteen years is a very long time,
to pay for some uncommited crime.
It's always the same, night after night,
my fearful dreams I'm forced to fight.

I watch your shadow upon the wall,
while like a spider over me you crawl.
With all my strength I push you away,
but you're stronger and here to stay.

Your body burns with some bitter desire,
can't see your face yet I feel your fire.
Sometimes you groan and sometimes you grumble,
but it's the shear fear that makes me tremble.

I hear you sigh as upon me you lean,
and you dig your nails into my skin.
Your naked passion is taking its toll,
as I keep struggling to take control.

Your grip tightens making me gasp for air,
then suddenly I wake up from this nightmare.
Soaked in my sweat and still as stone,
I beg of you Angella to leave me alone.

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