Tell me

I want to do what I said,
I have to break every obstructing wall.
I want to take a step ahead,
tell me - you'll hold me if I fall.

I have wondered for so long,
and I have travelled high and low.
Now in your arms I belong,
tell me - you'll never let me go.

They keep running from the truth,
always seeking a place to hide.
When my roads are no more smooth,
tell me - you'll still be on my side.

I've made mistakes, quite a few,
for sometime their effect will last.
But I want to start again as new,
tell me - you'll never mind my past.

I want to sleep without a fear,
atleast for tomorrow's sake.
All I need is you to be near,
tell me - you'll be there when I wake.

Tell me with a hand on your heart,
that we'll share every pain and perk.
Tell me we'll give this a shot,
and work hard to make this work.

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