Endless Love

This love can be terribly tough,
and its ways can be really rough.
But I will never leave your hand,
all its hardships I'll withstand.

I know you've been betrayed before,
and your wounds are still very sore.
But the whole World you musn't blame,
because everyone is not the same.

For me - you'll always be the first,
all I need is your undying trust.
I am here and I will be there,
don't be afraid, I'm going nowhere.

What is gone, cannot be undone,
t'was a lesson we had to learn.
So if you can start with a clean slate.
I will promise you, you won't regret.

Your every sorrow I will borrow,
and build you a better tomorrow.
Your broken heart, I will mend,
with a love - that has no end.

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