Turning point

All your life, you've been on a run.
You are done with what you have done.
This mad rush is taking you nowhere.
Stop now! It's time to turn.

One loving woman on your side,
is enough to soar and glide.
But you surround yourself with a crowd,
to boost your selfish pride.

Everytime and in every place,
she greets you with a smiling face.
Why don't you return her smile,
instead of asking for unneeded space.

Your resistance is all wrong.
It's with her that you belong.
She deserves what she desires,
and her will is way too strong.

These opportunities, they don't wait.
Not for hunter, nor for his bait.
So take them as they come.
Or too soon it will be too late.

Turn around and take a glance,
All she wants is a little romance.
For once put your work aside,
or you'll miss this beautiful chance.

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