The devil within

I watch how you betray,
everyone who puts in you their trust.
Your glitter diminishes everyday,
getting covered with your guilty rust.

I watch how you lust,
controlled by your selfish desires.
Nothing seems to quench your thirst,
or calm down your hungry fires.

I watch how you crave,
for every little thing you need.
How deep is your grave?
Deep enough to hold your greed?

I watch how you cry,
and tremble with raw fear.
Your mouth is growing dry,
you sense I'm somewhere near.

I watch how you pray,
to the god that doesn't even exist.
There's just me, you and the day,
you'll be devoured by your inner beast.

I watch how you slide,
into the hell that you've lit.
You recall every word you lied,
while your flesh burns bit by bit.

I watch how you end,
by yourself and all alone.
You wish you had a friend,
who'd miss you once you're gone.

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