A New Me

Our lives can be fair,
if you're willing to care,
I will learn to share,
and you won't have to pay.

I want to believe,
that I've strength to forgive,
without desire to decieve,
and that's how I want to stay.

The night is flowing,
the moon is glowing,
I know where I'm going,
and I can't wait for a sunny day.

Somewhere I have to start,
I'm letting you in my heart,
in darkness I'm throwing a dart,
and your games I can play.

I will let you decide,
if you want to be on my side,
then in you I will confide,
and I don't mind if you betray.

In your eyes when I see,
I can see a new me,
I like what I can be,
and that's all I've to say.

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