Imprisoned Heart

First time when we saw eachother,
it was love at first sight.
We knew we would be together,
and everything would be alright.

It all started sweet and smooth,
you trusted me with your love.
We were ready to face every truth,
and everyday we were rising above.

But then things began to change,
and it turned my world upside down.
Your behavior became so strange,
in your tears we began to drown.

Love can lose its charm,
but the faith is supposed to stay.
It keeps the lovers warm,
when their fire fades away.

You are supposed to understand,
not question me day and night.
You are supposed to hold my hand,
not cling on to me so tight.

Sometimes for a while,
something else I want to see.
All I want is your smile,
all I get is your jealousy.

You doubt I am fooling around,
for which I have no reason.
With an allegation so unsound,
you sent my heart to prison.

Why don't you believe in me,
it's you, my heart belongs to.
Why don't you set it free,
so I can give it back to you.

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