The Test of Time

I know, sometime it happens,
some hearts are meant for each other.
Even when they drift far apart,
a part of them remains together.
As it has lasted for so long,
this bond must be really strong.
If it has stood the test of time,
I am sure, it can't be wrong.

She felt, she was falling in love,
so she chose to run away.
I thought she found her love
and she lost her will to stay.
She fought her own battles,
while I was winning mine.
Her world was falling apart
and I believed she was fine.

My life was at stake,
and I didn't want to get beaten.
So I chose to forget her,
the way I was forgotten.
But I kept from her a truth,
the truth she had to know.
That everything I have
and my life to her I owe.

Soon months became years
and time took a turn.
She tried to stay away,
but she had to return.
She opened her arms,
and my heart began to race.
She had tears in her eyes
and a smile on her face.

I know, truth is overrated
and even time can tell a lie.
We believe in what we can
and the rest we can deny.
Do we have a future?
Maybe or maybe not.
I cannot value tomorrow,
but today, it means a lot.

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