Sweet dreams

A dream is like a horse with wings, 
flying beyond the borders of truth. 
Can't be tied with strongest of strings, 
so it's free to flaunt its flawless youth. 
A dream is like a simple mirror, 
reflecting the thoughts you think. 
Sometimes joy, sometimes terror,  
blended together without a link. 
A dream is like a deep deep ocean, 
hiding within a world of its own, 
Its surface rages with waves of passion. 
While its mysteries remain unknown. 
A dream is like the snow on a mountain, 
glowing calmly in the light of the moon. 
Then it turns into a streaming fountain, 
when the warm sun heads for the noon. 
A dream is like an arc of the rainbow, 
Stretching across the evening sky. 
With a colour apart from others in the row, 
Fading away as the time goes by. 
Dream sweet dreams you deserve to dream, 
and may all those dreams come true 
But the sweetest dream you shall ever dream, 
won't be as half as sweet as you. 

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