Tender thoughts

You don't need someone to hold your hand, 
They can be there in other ways. 
It's  enough if they try to understand, 
It gives comfort and the feeling stays. 
You don't know your effect, 
it's there wherever I see. 
I know you are not perfect, 
but you are just perfect for me. 
When I see a smile on your face, 
and I know I've put it there. 
My world falls back into its place, 
and life no longer seems unfair. 
You can draw yourself a line, 
which I will never cross. 
As long as I know you're fine, 
That'll recover my loss. 
Love is supposed to be blind, 
but it has opened my eyes wide. 
Your thoughts consume my mind, 
And these thoughts become my guide. 

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