My loneliness

I have chosen a lifestyle,
that enables me to smile.
My restless mind is at ease,
when I've nobody to please.

My life has been a race,
I need my time and space.
I can't afford to get tied,
I have no use for a guide.

Of course, you don't understand,
the joy of not holding a hand.
You can live on terms of your own,
only when you are living all alone.

Love demands a sacrifice,
and freedom is its price.
You are needed by some other,
it stops you from stepping further.

By myself, when I fall asleep,
and my nightmare begins to creep.
I can wake up without the fear,
of waking someone sleeping near.

In my loneliness I thrive,
I seek solitude to survive.
Changing myself would be a sham,
I'd rather stay the way I am.

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