Song of Life

When life's at its low,
the tears shall flow,
but your eyes will glow,
soon you will feel strong.

Some time you can spend,
a few rules you can bend,
to finally find a friend,
from those you live among.

You got their head to spin,
so they are calling it a sin,
but you were playing to win,
and they got it all wrong.

Eventually they'll all believe,
you only fought them to live,
then most will have to forgive,
though some may take long.

Please, don't stop,
don't dread the drop,
travel to the top,
for that's where you belong.

They are sure, you know,
your grandeur will grow,
you can put up a show,
and to watch they will throng.

When you've emptied your store,
and you cannot yield anymore,
they will still sing and adore,
every verse of your life song.

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