Back to the beginning

All I want is you to know,
time has come for me to go.
I'm a creature of the night,
I cannot live in your light.

You'll cry and ask me why,
if I lie, your tears won't dry.
Your love is binding, it'll asks for more,
My truth is blinding, which I can't ignore.

You wanted me on your side,
you were my joy and pride.
So I thought I could change,
but I ended up feeling strange.

I put on a colourful disguise,
so above myself I could rise.
But for how long could I be,
a person who was never me.

Time has made its call,
I am destined to fall.
I will accept my defeat,
if I can land on my feet.

I've been trying so hard,
to play my winning card.
But my victory and glory,
lie hidden in my history.

We can't ship away who we are,
if we try, it won't sail too far.
Soon I will have to face the storm,
and drown in the ditch I swam from.

A tree cannot bear its fruits,
if it's broken from its roots.
To know, if my life has a meaning,
I must go back to the beginning.

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