I deserved a ‘goodbye’

They started a rigged game,
it ended with my unending fall.
Then came the fibbed blame,
and I was abandoned by them all.
Now my thoughts won’t unfold,
and my mind is in turmoil.
My heart is freezing cold.
but my blood’s‘bout to boil.

What do you really want?
I wish I could tell.
I got nothing to flaunt.
and I’ve nothing to sell.
How could I serve?
Light without a fire.
Do you really deserve?
Delight you desire.

To whom does it  matter?
Who has time to care?
If my hopes were to shatter,
Not a moment you’d spare.
There’s only a fine line.
Separating me from my fears.
Your dreams aren’t mine.
for they wake me up in tears.

You dropped me at the gate,
and drove away without a sound.
I thought if I would wait,
maybe you would turn around.
You cannot forgive my sin,
you won’t even try.
Why you had to be so mean?
I deserved a ‘goodbye’.

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