The Music

You seem tired and worn out,
and time has stolen my intelligence.
Hand in hand if we look about,
I知 sure we値l find our innocence.

With past as our base,
our present, we have to nurture.
In my eyes if you gaze,
you値l get a glimpse of your future.

You need more courage than some trust,
I can稚 help, if I seem stubborn.
I want more than to quench your thirst.
you gave me pride I couldn't earn.

Make me a home up in the skies,
turn me into your shining star.
Take me away from judging eyes,
where pointing fingers are afar.

You値l never regret nor repent
my rhythm won稚 stop once I start.
With your body as my instrument,
I値l make music to sooth your heart.

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