Show’s Over

I thought I was telling you my story,
who knew I was only entertaining you.
For you it was a made up mystery,
as you searched for a breaking clue.
Now don’t ask, don’t even dare,
If I can’t trust, I cannot share.

So much of my time I have wasted,
I curse the very day it all began.
I could’ve kept my feelings arrested,
I should’ve been a stronger man.
Every spent moment now I regret,
thought of future makes me fret.

You can continue to believe away,
and believe your beliefs are right.
Whatever gets you through the day,
and helps you to sleep at night.
Your doubts I won’t remove,
there’s nothing I’ve to prove.

I will still answer your call,
if you stay within the bounds,
I won’t falter, I won’t fall,
I am holding onto my grounds.
My muddled mind is mellowed now.
This show’s over, I’m taking a bow.

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