Caught in the rain

With bare hands we built a city,
the one we leave behind.
For our plight it has no pity,
and no corner for our kind.

We’re tired so we seem withdrawn.
Excuse us, if we have no time to talk.
These roads, they go on and on,
we can’t wait when it is time to walk.

We move along humming a song,
so no one hears our stomach growl.
We’re sure we have to be strong,
or our hunger will hurt and howl.

Every face has found a frown,
these faces once poor but proud.
As more join from another town,
we feel more lonely in this crowd.

With every step we take we wonder,
can someone hear our bitter voice?
Should we give up and surrender?
Death seems to be a better choice.

Sun only makes this journey slower,
we worry, it might all be in vain.
Heat is burning our bodies all over,
we wish to get caught in the rain.

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