She felt

She felt, when she saw him again.
Not much between them had changed.
He could still drive her insane,
like he did before they got estranged.

She felt, his homeless fears.
He was scared of hopeless tomorrow.
She couldn’t hold her tears,
when her house he begged to borrow.

She felt, his broken pride.
With no shred of his huge ego.
He couldn’t hide, if he tried,
he had fallen to his lowest low.

She felt, she had to forgive.
Otherwise it would be too late.
She had no more time to grieve,
but time to let go of her hate.
She felt, his darkness inside.
A part of his she’d have to handle.
It was her turn to be his guide,
and hold for him a burning candle.

She felt, his still heart stir.
It hadn’t done that for a while.
She realized he needed her,
to teach him once more to smile.

She felt, the love she lost.
Of which she could never get over.
It was all back free of cost,
and a reason for him to recover.

She felt, the warmth of his touch.
With taste of herself on his lips.
A sensation she missed so much,
now it was right at her finger tips.

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