Following You

You were drowning in the sea of dispair.
When they had to put you into my care.
I was paid to go to any length,
to pull you out with my strength.

I wasnít an option to choose.
I was never yours to lose.
If I wasnít obligated to overstay,
I canít be blamed for backing away.

You canít expect what you hope.
Itís like scaling a slippery slope.
Soon youíll start to lose your stance,
youíre taking a risk without a chance.

I have always been a simple loner.
Now you want to be my single owner.
If you insist on keeping me in a cage,
I will resist you with all my rage.

Yes, you have given me a safe home.
And to sleep the softness of foam.
Sure, itís so comfortable and cozy,
but loving a life in chains isnít easy.

With all my hits and colossal misses.
My lips still long for your little kisses.
So if you let me out of this tight leash,
I will follow you from here to the finish.

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