Missing Her

Oh! So much I have bled,
I laid still as if I was dead,
her presence caused a stir,
I wonder if I知 missing her.

It isn稚 easy but she tries,
to moisten my dried eyes,
my vision is beginning to blur,
It is possible I知 missing her.

I was afraid to step out of my zone,
I was lonelier when I wasn稚 alone.
now her proximity I prefer,
I think I知 missing her.

My story was scripted in stone,
I was frozen to my last bone,
a meltdown is about to occur,
I believe I知 missing her.

Same on surface and beneath,
she is so easy to be with,
I知 so eager to get closer,
I am sure I知 missing her.

I miss how she blushed,
when I undressed her.
I miss how she moaned,
when I caressed her.
I miss how she smiled,
when I teased her,
I miss how she sighed,
when I pleased her.
Oh, I so miss the joy of just kissing her,
I hope she misses me as I知 missing her.

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