The air blows smell of gloom.
The sky shows signs of doom.
This weather seems so strange,
eventually it has to change.

A memory can bring a grief,
Like a swift and silent thief,
stealing away your last hope.
Eventually you'll learn to cope.

Fighting off your fears,
two eyes filled with tears.
Then maybe just for a while,
eventually you'll want to smile.

Yesterday everything was so good.
Who knew today would be so crude.
Tonight you struggle with sorrow,
eventually you'll wait for tomorrow.

One you loved left you all alone.
Turning your heart into a stone.
Lying wide awake, just to weep,
eventually you'll get some sleep.

Fallen flat upon the floor,
I see another closing door.
Maybe I'm only meant for you,
eventually I'll trust it is true.

Oh, Natasha! Please hold on.
Cold blizzard will soon be gone.
No greater warmth I've ever felt,
eventually this ice will have to melt.

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