One way sharing

While holding fire at its core,
the Sun shares its warmth and shine.
Hiding what's really in store,
it appears as if everything is fine.

When they say, they want to share.
it means they want to take and take.
Hoping that this exchange will be fair,
is nothing more than a common mistake.

So quietly listen to what they say,
and suppress you sadness deep inside.
That's the way they choose to play,
theirs are the rules by which you abide.

When your eyes begin to tear,
look up towards the silent sky.
Smile aloud to cause a cheer,
for no one wants to hear you cry.

If something sad you need to tell 'em,
remember only to yourself you can speak.
Put all your pains into a pretty poem,
and when it's done you won't feel so weak.

While maintaining a steady flow,
a river enriches all the life around.
It must endure a blow after a blow,
without making too much of sound.

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