Love is just a word

Love is just a word,
its purpose is overrated.
I know what you've heard,
but I prefer to be hated.

Love is just a greed,
with power to take over.
It makes your heart bleed,
a wound you soon discover.

Love is just a game,
we play and try to forget.
One takes the blame,
while other has to regret.

Love is just a desire,
with no destiny and no goal.
All smoke without a fire,
suffocating your very soul.

Love is just a dream,
that tends to turn into a nightmare.
Anger and pent up steam,
demanding a release you can't spare.

Love is just an illusion,
whose cause you can't comprehend.
It changes into a confusion,
before you know it starts to end.

Love is just a phase,
while companionship lasts longer.
Built on a sturdy base,
so with time it only grows stronger.

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