Rambling of a broken mind

My own thoughts I cannot trust,
when my brain is about to burst.
Within confusions of my broken mind,
some lasting peace I will have to find.
These recurring dreams I can't deny,
they tell me a story of how I will die.
If some how I make it through this dark night,
I might escape this terror that holds me tight.
I cannot express the pain I feel,
I'll lick my wounds until they heal.
Don't ask me to be all warm and fuzzy,
when the future I see is still so hazy.
A bird with a broken wing,
hath no sweet note to sing.
He can only shriek and cry,
until his throat is torn and dry.
As the sea grows more and more rough,
swimming through will become more tough.
I'll surely drown if I take a dive,
but on the shore I won't survive.
I could never figure out the force,
that causes so much anger and remorse.
Yes, my heart wants to be touched,
but it will never allow to be searched.
I have a few desires I cannot reveal
and I hold mysteries I must conceal.
My mind is completely out of control,
twisting and turning is taking a toll.
It wanders in a world far too complex,
I hope soon it halts so I can relax.
Everyone is so indifferent and strange,
but I am not capable of making a change.
I have always failed whenever I have tried,
so I look for a grave within which I can hide.

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