Same old game

You have a different face,
and you have a different name.
You stay in a different place,
but you play the same old game.

I am not here for you to enjoy,
I know how to be a human being.
You cannot treat me like a toy,
who'll bow at a pull of a string.

I try to be the person you prefer,
although it kills me a little inside.
There's a limit to what I can offer,
yet you demand more than I can provide.

Believe in me, at least for once,
I'm so much more than you expect.
Don't blow up this last chance,
all I ask is for a little respect.

I want somebody to hold and care,
not someone who only wants to talk.
A sunset with whom I could share,
and quietly hand in hand I could walk.

When you don't have any excuse,
you find some one else to blame.
Who do you think you can amuse,
while you play the same old game.

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