What's the point?

What's the point of this life?
When it seems like a circus,
and sometimes it can hurt us,
but it has its own purpose.

What's the point of these fears?
They gives us the courage,
to overcome our rage,
and read the next page.

What's the point of this love?
It teaches us to trust,
to put the other one first,
in thoughts and in lust.

What's the point of these tears?
they gives us so much of relief,
in moments of relentless grief,
so we can turn over a new leaf.

What's the point of your smile?
It brightens up the room,
makes the flowers bloom,
pulls me out of my gloom.

Don't ask me what's the point.
A point might appear too small,
even if you don't see it at all,
it still rules our rise and fall.

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