Facing the truth

An angry mind reveals the thoughts it hides,
in such a state it shows so many other sides.
It is not easy to gain someone's  trust,
when the core is never same as the crust.
Why don't they like what they see in the mirror,
when it isn't their looks what makes them inferior.
Your firm faith and your beliefs are of your own,
time will wear them out, if you carve them in stone.
Anxiety will foil the aspiration of the future,
if you're expected to defy your very nature.
No matter how strongly the lovers insist,
how can an unconditional love ever exist?
When you think, everything's falling into its place,
pieces fall apart and scatter into the empty space.
I have no ambitions nor a goal to aim for,
I am at peace, I don't want to be in a war.
I show you how much I care, in my own subtle ways,
if you can't see it, why must I be the one who pays?
I was always so eager to explore and to learn,
who knew it would take such an unexpected turn.
I tried to build a nest on a broken bough,
I fell down and I have no place to go now.
I hoped I could forever rely on the one I chose,
I decided to depend but it was wrong I suppose.
I think it's alright to doubt and to suspect,
for I know the truth differs from what I expect.
When the truth finally unmasks its forbidden face,
you don't want to see disappointment and disgrace.

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