Girl in the green dress

I was walking on the crowded street,
as fast as I could on my tired feet.
Where to turn, I was trying to guess,
when I saw the girl in the green dress.

In her thoughts she was so lost,
like she was frozen in the frost.
I just couldn't help but stare,
it seemed she didn't even care.

She stood in a preoccupied pose,
holding in her hand a dried rose.
Was she saving it for someone?
Who went away and didn't return.

In her sad eyes there was a shine,
of tears, otherwise they were fine.
Those eyes were not even blinking,
I wondered what she was thinking.

I knew I'd never see her again,
then why was I feeling her pain?
I couldn't take home another stray,
I took a step to move further away.

Then suddenly she turned around,
and in my gaze, herself she found.
"I am so sorry, I am such a mess",
said the girl in the green dress.

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