Tell me something

Tell me sugar, where do I stand?
I left my home to hold your hand.
At least let me know what I lack,
before you decide to send me back.

Tell me sugar, donít you know?
Thereís no joy without the sorrow.
Nothing in this world ever comes for free,
canít have fruits without growing the tree.

Tell me sugar, who you want me to be?
Maybe Iím more than what you can see.
I can be a rose without a thorn,
and even change the way I was born.

Tell me sugar, what do I do?
Iíve told you whatever is true.
Iíve never lied nor made a tall claim, 
if thatís not enough Iíll take the blame.

Tell me sugar, why you have to be so sweet?
When the whole world lies under your feet.
You still want me with all my dispair,
knowing that Iím broken beyond repair.

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