Young love

Young love is so gentle and tender,
No other feeling has such a splendor.
It has a strength to fathom the infinite,
with the dreams of everlasting delight.
Young love comes with so much of hope,
it can bring the entire world into the scope.
Nothing ever lies beyond its reach,
and has knowledge no one can teach.

Young love seems to have no bound,
for its feet rarely touch the ground.
With a single leap, gravity it defies,
and soars above into the open skies.

Young love really has no fear,
even when darkness is so near.
It carries along its own shining light,
when the face of beloved is in the sight.

Young love is ever so precious,
every move it makes is so gracious,
It steps from the eyes into the heart,
and spreads itself into every part.

Sometimes I think of love I had when I was young,
then I taste the sweetness of its kiss on my tongue.
It makes me smile when I am filled with sorrow,
and whispers a promise of a joyful tomorrow.

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